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African Taxidermy

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  • African Taxidermy Mounts By Brown Bear Taxidermy

  • African Taxidermist - Professionally and Expertly Trained by Top Names in African Taxidermy.
  • 1 year or less turn around
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
African Taxidermy - Gemsbok Shoulder Mounts & Gemsbok Pedestal Mounts
Full Body African Mounts & Custom African Habitats

Gemsbok, this version being a Gemsbok Oryx are one of the most popular African safari animals. Often also called Gemsbuck, they are typical of arid portions of South Africa including the Kalahari Desert region. A very large species of antelope they grow very large, are often prized for their horns that can average 36 inches. 

They make fantastic African shoulder mounts, pedestal mounts, as well as life size mounts in custom habitats.

Capture Your African Hunt For All Time With Quality African Taxidermy That Will Last.

African Taxidermy, Gemsbock Mount, by Pennsylvania Taxidermist Brown Bear Taxidermy

African Taxidermy - Greater Kudu
Kudu Shoulder Mounts & South African Kudu Pedestal Mounts
Full Body African Mounts & Custom African Habitats

Greater African Kudu
Another prized African trophy is the Greater Kudu of South Africa

This Kudu mount was custom mounted using the latest taxidermy techniques which we are fully trained in and mounts such as this speak for our commitment to quality taxidermy.

African Pedestal Mounts such as this Greater Kudu mount are popular in home or office, and full custom habitats can be custom designed to fit nearly any size room, from a den to a corporate lobby or museum display, the only limits are your imagination

Capture Your African Safari Adventure Forever with High Quality African Taxidermy Mounts By Brown Bear Taxidermy.

Greater Kudu African Taxidermy Pedestal Mount by Brown Bear Taxidermy

African Taxidermy - Wildebeest Shoulder Taxidermy Mounts & Wildebeest Pedestal Mounts
Full Body African Taxidermy Mounts & Custom African Habitats

Wildebeest - Blue & Black Mount

Black wildebeest mounts make a commanding statement. They are often hunted on the central plains of South Africa. Once small in numbers this species has continued to thrive under great game management practices.

Blue Wildebeest taxidermy mounts are another popular african game mount often part of a plains game hunt they make a great mount when done in a custom habitat with another breed that shares the common range.

African Taxidermy - Wildebeest Shoulder Mounts & Wildebeest Pedestal Mounts - Full Body African Mounts & Custom African Habitats

We highly recommend supporting SCI which is Safari Club International.
“SCI Foundation embraces the conservation ethic of hunters and promotes hunter stewardship of wildlife resources.” 
Also check out Dallas Safari Club Since 1972, Dallas Safari Club has been the gathering point for hunters, conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts.

Follow us on Face Book & Google, top right of this page, for all our latest mounts of all species and more! 

Brown Bear Taxidermy Has Created Many More African Taxidermy Mounts Than What Are Shown Here.


Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio
289 Pleasant Valley Road
Pine Grove, Pa. 17963

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