Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio
289 Pleasant Valley Road
Pine Grove, Pa. 17963

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Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio



Stop by and visit us and see what true quality taxidermy looks like! 

We have many high quality taxidermy mounts on display showing the fine detail of our work.

We just kindly ask that you call first so we know you are coming.

We will give you easy and exact directions when you make your appointment!

Call for appointment

Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio, Pine Grove Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Taxidermist

Bear-Taxidermy-Taxidermist-Custom-Taxidermy-Lifesize-Bear-Mounts-Black-Bear-Grizzly-Bear-Taxidermy-and-More We have full body bear taxidermy mounts on display as well as deer taxidermy mounts on display along with full body predator mounts and full turkey taxidermy mounts.

Full body mounts, full size custom cast bear taxidermy mounts, all are on display in our taxidermy showroom along with many other mounts showing custom poses, custom casting, custom habitats and a variety of custom bases.

If you have looked at a fair amount of taxidermy mounts you know the details make or break a mount.

We are confident that once you see our high quality taxidermy work up close for yourself you will know why so many people choose us again and again.

We have a wide variety of taxidermy mounts including bear mounts, mule deer and whitetail taxidermy mounts, shoulder mounts, elk taxidermy mounts as well as fish, turkeys and predators all tastefully on display in our clean, well lit showroom.

We are confident that once you see our work and the care we take with each taxidermy mount, we know you will choose,

Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio

Mike Brown, Brown Bear Taxidermy Studios, Pine Grove, Pa.


Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio
289 Pleasant Valley Road
Pine Grove, Pa. 17963

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