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Small Animal Taxidermy

Small Animal Taxidermy, Racoons, Pennsylvania Taxidermist, Brown Bear Taxidermy

  • Brown Bear Taxidermy creates some of the finest life like Small Animal Taxidermy mounts found anywhere. 
  • Small Animal Taxidermy with a 1 year or less turn around time.
  • We maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rate. 
  • Small Animal Taxidermist - Professionally and expertly trained by some of the top names in the industry in Small Animal Taxidermy and we are fully licensed.
  • Beaver, Fisher, Raccoon, 
Fox Taxidermy Mount By Pennsylvania Taxidermist Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio

Small Animal Taxidermy

Fox Taxidermy - Red Fox Taxidermy, Grey Fox Taxidermy

Although some consider Fox to be predators, and in reality they are. There is an entire category for Predator Taxidermy that includes Red fox, gray fox, and also coyote. It's easy to see where people get confused as these species can look very much alike.

Gray Fox Taxidermy Mount, Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio creates the finest lifelike mounts in custom habitats, stands, poses.

Fisher Cat Taxidermy - Martin Taxidermy - Pennsylvania

Fisher Cat Taxidermy - Martin Taxidermy

The fisher is often called a fisher cat but in reality it is a North American marten. 

Fisher are agile tree climbers with a slender and sleek body. 

There body type allows to pursue prey in small hard to reach places like hollow trees.


We are fully trained in all of the latest Small Animal Taxidermy techniques and our results speak for themselves.

NOTE: Some small animals such as this bobcat kit were road killed and donated by the game commission. We strictly follow all game laws to the letter and communicate with the PGC etc. Not For Sale.

Bobcats are probably the most seen feline species we take in and they are usually created in custom habitats for full body mounts. 

Bobcat kit road killed and donated by PGC, Not For Sale

Bobcat Taxidermy Mount On Custom Base By Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio Bobcat Taxidermy Mount - Also see our Predator Taxidermy

We can mount your bobcat in nearly any custom position to make it just yours, and to show off the best of it's features as well as make a pose that will capture the imagination. 

We also have bobcat and fox taxidermy for sale on a custom order basis. Just call us with what you want and we will worth you to create the custom bobcat, fox, raccoon or other mount that you will be proud to display.

We create the highest quality Small Animal Taxidermy mounts around.

Beaver Taxidermy Mount, Brown Bear Taxidermy Studios Pennsylvania Life Size Full Body Mount Beavers are available in a variety of sizes, mounts, habitats and  poses.

We have all kinds of small animal taxidermy mounts for sale...  We mount anything you can think of in virtually any pose you imagine. Rabbit, Raccoon, Fisher, Porcupine, Badger, Beaver, Armadillo, Weasel, more.

Racoon Taxidermy Mount, Small Animal Taxidermy, Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio Raccoon Taxidermy Mounts

Custom made in virtually any pose with any custom habitat you can imagine.

This particular mount features a smaller road hit raccoon that will live on in a beautiful raccoon mount with a butterfly on a piece of wood.


Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio
289 Pleasant Valley Road
Pine Grove, Pa. 17963

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