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Predator Taxidermy

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  • Brown Bear Taxidermy creates some of the finest life like predator taxidermy mounts found anywhere. 
  • We have a one year turn around time average or less in many cases for our predator taxidermy mounts.
  • We maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Fully licensed.
  • We are professionally and expertly trained by some of the top names in the industry in mounting wolves, mountain lions, bobcat, lynx, coyote, raccoon and fox as well as other predator taxidermy mounts. 
  • Predator Taxidermy Gallery - View A Collection Of Just Some Of Our Predator Taxidermy Mounts


Mountain Lion Taxidermy Mounting, Pennsylvania Taxidermist, Brown Bear Taxidermy Studios

Predator Taxidermy Experts, our work speaks for itself!

Mountain Lion Taxidermy Mounting

Check out our full body mountain lions in custom habitats with custom bases.

Details in the face, eyes, and poses on predator mounts such as our stalking lynx mount or coyote mounts.

Custom Full Body Predator, Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Wolves, Coyotes, Lynx in any pose, action scene imaginable. 


Note: Any small/baby animals shown were road killed animals donated by PGC.

Wolf Taxidermy Mounts, Lynx Taxidermy, Bobcat Taxidermy 
Full Body Mounts & Custom Habitats In Any Pose.

Life Size Wolf Taxidermy Mounts, Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio Pennsylvania

Wolves, Bobcats, Fox, Coyote, 
Full Body Mounts & Custom Habitats

Black Wolf Mounted By Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio Pine Grove PA.

Predator Taxidermy, Lifesize Wolf Mount, Pennsylvania Taxidermist Predator Mounting

Life Size Wolf Taxidermy Mounts

Any Pose, Any Expression, Custom Habitat, Natural Look Bases, Wood, Snow, Any Elements Are Incorporated To Capture The Life Like Look, The Piercing Gaze, And Pay Tribute To One Of The Most Magnificent Creatures On The Planet.

Wolf Taxidermy By Brown Bear Taxidermy Studios Pennsylvania

From fox to wolf mounts, from bobcats to lynx, Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio has the decades of experience you can rely on and trust. With an average of one year or less turn around time, while maintaining the highest quality.

Coyote Taxidermy Mounts - Full size stand alone, custom habitats, natural look bases, pedestal mounts, virtually anything.
Your mount is only limited by your imagination.

.Coyote Taxidermy Mounts, Full Body Coyote Taxidermy Mounts Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Taxidermist

Coyote Taxidermy Mounts Pennsylvania Taxidermist, Predator Taxidermy


Lynx Taxidermist Bobcat Taxidermist Pennsylvania

Lynx taxidermy with special attention to detail!
We know that if you do your homework you will find what our repeat customer's have for decades now, Trust Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio With Your Once In A Life Time Mount!

Lynx Taxidermy Pennsylvania Taxidermist Brown Bear Taxidermy

Pennsylvania Predator Taxidermist, Lynx Taxidermy Mount By Brown Bear Taxidermy A Pennsylvania Licensed Taxidermist

Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio
289 Pleasant Valley Road
Pine Grove, Pa. 17963

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Predator Taxidermy, Pennsylvania Predator Taxidermist, Bobcat Taxidermy, Lynx Taxidermy, Fox Taxidermy, Wolf Taxidermy, Coyote Taxidermy, Predator Mounting













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