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Bobcat Taxidermy Mounts

Bobcat Taxidermy Mount Pennsylvania Taxidermist

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Bobcat Mounts are also popular because typically they are rarely even seen, though their numbers continue to typically do well. They are extremely stealthy and can see you, avoid you, and you never knew they were near.

Bobcat Taxidermy Mounts Pennsylvania Taxidermy Studio

Bobcat Pedestal Mount, Bobcat Taxidermy Mounts Pennsylvania

Bobcat pedestal mounts are popular as are table top bobcat mounts. Bobcats can also make a very nice wall mount using something such as branch, log or rock for natural habitat. Bobcats are often mounted using their full body but as with any taxidermy mount they can be mounted any number of ways. If you do not have a bobcat we can help. Call us to discuss ideas for mounting your Bobcat.



Bobcat Mounts Pennsylvania Taxidermy Studio Bobcat Taxidermy Mounts

Bobcats are a favorite mount for many reasons.

Starting with the coloring bobcats can be brown or a red with brownish phase.

They normally have a white underbelly. The tail as it name suggests is short and often is tipped at the end black.

Bobcats are fierce hunters and can kill quarry considerably larger than themselves.

Typically though they go after smaller game such as rabbits, squirrels, birds, even smaller rodents such as mice.

But never count a bobcat out, they will go after almost anything even beyond their limits!


Contact us with your bobcat taxidermy mount ideas. We have some very cool bobcat mounts. Brown Bear Taxidermy is a multi-award winning taxidermy studio. For bobcat taxidermy near me choose Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio. We create bobcat mounts laying down, bobcat shoulder mounts, and are constantly coming up with new bobcat mount ideas.


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